About Us

Our Story

Modern View Landscaping has roots dating back to 1986. Timothy Downey started a small landscaping company in East Brunswick after the Anheuser-Busch Yeast plant where he worked closed its doors. Faced with an unexpected life change he began a lawn mowing company Grass Master Lawn Care. Over the next few years Grass Master began to grow as a residential lawn care company and landscaping installation company. In 2001, Tim acquired a well established business focusing on the same residential client base that his business had as well as a commercial portfolio. At this time our company adapted its name and branding to Modern View Landscaping.

Tim’s son TJ Downey has been involved in the landscaping and snow removal industry since he could walk. As a toddler he would go out on landscaping jobs, estimates and drive around in the plow truck with his Uncle who also had a landscaping company. Once Grass Master was started by TJ’s father, he would be out on the landscaping installs helping however he could and just being happy to be out there. In middle school, TJ would cut grass with the team after school or go out with the snow shoveling crew on snow days. In high school Modern View Landscaping was his summer job. After High School TJ went to college at Arizona State University and obtained an undergraduate degree in business and communications and since graduating has continued to grow Modern View Landscaping.